Price Protection

Throughout the whole year of 2010, we compiled our data and are very happy to say that we saved our clients an average of 24.1% (or roughly $384 OFF per person) our already heavily-discounted prices.  Since we are the largest locally-owned supplier of Royal Caribbean cruises in the SouthWest, 68% of the cruises that we were able to discount for our clients sailed on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

We guarantee the price you pay for your cruise/tour will not increase after your booking has been confirmed (excluding fuel surcharges). Unlike other cruise/tour sellers, we constantly monitor the rates of your cruise/tour AFTER you have booked.  When specials appear, rates drop or an upgrade becomes available that you are eligible for, we will adjust your rate and notify you. This is not a policy that is popular or abided by with the majority of other cruise/tour sellers and most definitely not with any 'internet' cruise/tour companies (ie-Expedia,Orbitz,VacationsToGo,etc)

Furthermore, you are able to utilize our MONITORING services even if you have already booked your cruise/tour directly with the cruise line/tour company (or are dissatisfied with your current travel agent). We simply & easily transfer your current reservation to the CTC Travel, where we can GUARANTEE you better customer service and monitor the possibility of saving you money or obtaining upgrades. 

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